GKF 400/700 Preventative Maintenance Kits

At Bosch Packaging Services we understand the importance of a good preventative maintenance program. Such a program requires the routine replacement of certain wear parts. We have identified select bearings, seals and parts which we recommend be replaced in a preventative maintenance program for the GKF 400/700, DMW 700 encapsulation machines.


These kits do not include cams, pellet/tablet feeding parts or any other parts that are not a part of normal periodic maintenance on a standard machine. These not-included parts are available upon request.

Complete rebuilds quoted upon evaluation only.

Kit part number:
8111347823 Minor Preventative Maintenance Kit – Recommended replacement every 2000 hours or 1 year.

Please see this informational flyer.

If you would like a quotation or have questions regarding this upgrade or any other issues regarding your Bosch encapsulator, please contact us at 763-424-4700.

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