Green Package Solution

InlayFragile products, such as syringes, vials, carpules, small bottles and ampoules, or a combination of these (multiple-piece packages), require product protection together with gentle handling. Based on these requirements, Bosch and folding carton manufacturer Faller from Waldkirch/Breisgau developed and patented a carton tray with product-adapted inlays.

The innovative tray package inlays meet a wide variety of demands:

  • Mechanical production protection against impact, falling during transport, pressure during storage (multipacks, pallets), by means of divided compartments with products firmly latched into place.
  • Ergonomic removal of the products from the inlay. The inlay is held securely in the reclosable carton tray.
  • Format-flexible packaging on conventional horizontal cartoning machines with an output rate of up to 180 cycles/min.
  • Shapely, visually attractive and recyclable, ecological mono-material packaging.
  • Additions, such as instructions for use in the form of booklets, outserts and pre-folded instructions, from a reel or sheet, including additions such as syringes – needles or pipettes, etc. are all possible.

Cost and logistics advantages of GPS:

  • Inlay and carton tray can be manufactured by a single supplier.
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Mono packaging material means that a plastic tray or thermoforming machine is not required. This avoids the need for additional processes and saves on investment (thermoforming machine), staff, repair, maintenance, energy costs, room costs, logistics and handling costs
  • Format-flexibility: i.e. a wide range of sizes are possible, inexpensive size parts, fast size change
  • Horizontal cartoner makes subsequent application adaptations possible (insert)
  • Horizontal cartoner can also be used for other packaging applications
  • Product handling as a complete, compact unit
  • Track and Trace can be integrated in the line as a complete unit

Please see this NewsLetter for more information.

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