Do you run sticky products on your Bosch or DMW Capsule Filler?

Bosch has a new solution for running sticky products on 12 and 16 bore capsule fillers: a tamping ring made of Nylatron®.


Tamping Ring made of Nylatron

At Bosch, we have researched solutions for these types of products and we have developed a tamping ring made out of a new plastic material called Nylatron®. Our testing has shown that Nylatron® has better wear characteristics and creates less friction than PET.

The part number for this new product is 8-111-386-180.

If you are interested in the new tamping ring made of Nylatron® for your GKF or DMW capsule filler, or you have any questions, please contact:

Dave Bethel

Download Product Brochure
Nylatron is a registered trade name of Quadrant EPP.
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