After 37 years, Steve Braunschweig is retiring from Bosch Packaging Technology!

On June 30th, after a successful and storied career, Steve Braunschweig will move on to the next chapter of his life. Steve plans to re-locate to northern Minnesota and start enjoying a well deserved retirement.

Steve Braunschweig

After his U.S. Army tour in Amberg, Germany, Steve completed his Electro / Mechanical Technician degree at Hennepin Technical and in 1977 started his long career at TL Systems. One of TL Systems’ founders, Al Larson, hired Steve as an Electrical Assembler. Through the next 15 years, he expanded this role to include Mechanical Assembly and Field Service. It was also during this time that Steve found that he really enjoyed working directly with customers. His responsiveness and helpfulness did not go unnoticed by our customers or the organization and in 1993, Steve moved into the Sales group as a Project Estimator for Special Equipment.

About a year later, TL Systems was acquired by Bosch. Shortly after the acquisition, Steve moved into an International Sales role and re-located to the Bosch Packaging plant in Crailsheim, Germany. In 1998, he returned to the Bosch Packaging plant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota to continue this role.

In 2000, Steve moved into a new After Market Sales role ultimately spanning eight years. This allowed him to re-unite with many of his past U.S. based Customer friends not to mention make a bunch of new ones.

In 2008, he moved back to the new equipment side of the business, accepting a position as Regional Sales Manager for the Nutrition and Supplement Market. Always the lifelong learner, Steve brought all his years of training and experience together and re-defined what it means to bring the ‘Voice of the Customer’ into an organization. The proof of this mastery lies in the countless strong customer bonds that have been formed over the years, not to mention a five-fold growth in this important business sector.

Our customers, Steve, and his colleagues will all agree that June 30 will be a bittersweet day. We will miss him deeply but are all so very happy for him and his well deserved retirement!

Congratulations Steve – We will miss you!
We would love to collect your well wishes for Steve in the “Comments” section below.

While we find a permanent replacement, Thomas Mauritzen will be the Bosch sales contact for all nutrition and dietary supplement equipment projects. If you have any questions about fluid-bed processors, high-shear mixers, capsule fillers, tablet presses, or cartoning equipment, please contact Thomas at:


Thomas Mauritzen – Business Development Manager
Phone: 763-493-6780

54 Responses

  1. Dr. Jack Singh says:

    Hello Steve, you have been always great to work with and we wish you best of health and long life in your retirement. Take good care. Jack and Living Ecology Team!!!

  2. Patrick Surridge says:

    Steve, althought I’ve only worked with you for the past two years, you’ve been a great help. The few times we’ve had an opportunity to lift a couple of beers and just chat about life have been very enjoyable. So, I want to say “thanks” and let you know just how much I appreciate your support.

    Nothing but fun for you from here on out. Know you’ll enjoy your time to do the things you’ve put off.

    Enjoy the time.


  3. Tony Miller says:

    Steve, after 37 years of putting up with us you deserve a long and happy retirement. Enjoy every minute of it.


  4. Adam Rosenthal Adam Rosenthal says:


    Congratulations and best wishes! After 37 years, you’ve earned it. It has been a pleasure working with you. It seems like those nights we ran into each other at St. Scholastica were just yesterday… Enjoy!


  5. Gary Dorumsgaard says:

    Loop Holes, watch out for Loop Holes!
    Happy Retirement! Many Miller’s to Go!
    🙂 Gary D

  6. Terry Petro says:

    Steve, Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! But there is a glaring hole in your career write-up above. It doesn’t say anything on how you single handedly managed the design, build and repair of the TL Systems spring tester line of instuments.

    Terry Petro

  7. Bill Kohl says:


    I am really happy for you. You’ve put in a lot of time and you’ve definitely earned it. I’ve learned a lot over the years working with you. You are really customer focused and all of the customers have seen this.

    Enjoy your retirement


  8. Dave says:

    Stevie B,

    You’ve always impressed me with your capabilities and skills in communicating and influencing others. I remember the time early in my career at Bosch that you joined in a sales call and answered the question from a customer on how we were able to handle a difficult operation efficiently — “magic”. I would have gotten thrown out with this answer – but for you, it was laughed about and accepted, you had their trust! Keep it real!


  9. Hello Steve:
    No doubt, you are one the most personal and friendliest individual I met. .. In a world that is full of ‘Scheisters’, your honesty and patience will be missed.

    Therefore, allow me to wish you a wonderful, productive and peaceful retirement.
    With friendly regards
    Joe (Joachim) Lehmann
    Marlyn Nutraceutical, Inc.

    • Mike McGown says:

      Stevie B:
      Best of luck with retirement. You don’t look old enough. You look the same as in the 97 photo slugging beers and schweinshaxe at Octoberfest.

  10. Douglas Anderson says:

    Steve and I have been friends since 1974. We shared a squad room in Germany with the U.S. Army. In 1986 I joined TL System and Steve told me the best advice I could ever have.He said ” you can do anything you need to do as long as you can get back to where you were. ”
    Best of luck Steve.

  11. Janet Janiszewski says:

    Hi Steve,

    It has been years (about 7) since we worked together at Bosch. I always enjoyed working with you. Best wishes as you start on your next adventure.

    Janet Janiszewski

  12. Harald Joos says:

    Hi Steve,
    in the last couple of years you have done a great job in growing and serving the Nutra market with Capsylon machines. I can only thank you and wish you a great goodbye party as well as a long and perfect retirement.
    All the best from Germany
    Harald Joos

  13. Philipp Stirm says:

    Hi Steve,

    I worked just two weeks together with you. You showed me the basics how to handle stuff in Nutra Business. Thank you for the great and helpful time with you.

    Enjoy your new part of live, Philipp

  14. Armin Ziegler says:

    Hi Steve,
    enjoy retirement … after 37 years it is very well deverved!

  15. Dave Brown says:

    Enjoy your retirement Stevie!!
    Sorry I won’t be able to make it to your going away party as I will be out of town.


  16. Judith Rehm Judith Rehm says:

    Dear Steve,
    Congratulations and best wishes!

  17. Marge Colbath says:

    It was always a pleasure working with Steve. He had a great sense of humor and such a hard worker. Steve you will love retirement. I do.

  18. Sandy Swanson says:

    Congratulations, Steve! Enjoy your retirement.

  19. John Pennington says:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes Steve! Your support and enthusiasm over the last couple of years has been very much appreciated. Hope you have a long and happy retirement.

  20. Christian L says:

    Will certainly miss yu ! Stay healthy and happy, Steve Big B !

  21. Linda Johnson says:

    Congratulations Steve!! Enjoy your retirement! It was a pleasure working with you, seems like we worked together more in Utah than in Minneapolis. We will miss you at the breakfasts at the shop!! Take care!!

  22. Steve Thurler says:

    Enjoy your upcoming retirement! Congratulations and best wishes on the next phase of you life.

  23. clarke says:

    Congratulations on a long and great career – you should be proud. You will be missed. All the best wishes for the future.

  24. Dave Fink says:

    Lunchmeat, Lunchpail, Lunchy, Snackpack, Steve Sausage. Probably missed a few. Thanks for all your valuable insight in my early years. Enjoyed working, fishing and quite a few “scoops” with you. Congrats, I’m jealous. Enjoy it man!

  25. Dave Bethel says:

    Steve, It has always been a pleasure to work and travel with you. I will miss your excellent sense of humor, your positve attitude, your friendship, your insight and your advice. Enjoy your well deserved retirement!

  26. Ralph Pfister says:

    I want to hunt down the retirement hunter who hunted you and tell him that he has managed to hunt the best hunt ever. Thanks for all and the best wishes to you from good old Germany.

  27. Ryan Kastamo says:

    Congrats Steve! Enjoy your retirement!

  28. Jeff Haugen says:

    I retired Q&A database in your honor.

  29. Shari says:

    Congrats Steve! It has been a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it! Best wishes. We will mis you.

  30. John Kirk says:

    Stevie B, congratulations on your retirement. I am glad that you are opening a new chapter in your life. Certainly the TL/Bosch chapters were interesting. I am happy that I was able to work with you, learn from your experience/expertise and share your dry sense of humor. A couple of good memories include your “Lunchie” nickname and the snoring contest with Jack in the World Club after a Interphex show. You always gave Bosch and TL a good days work so enjoy your retirement. Enjoy it!

  31. Amy Erickson says:

    Wow 37 years, that is quite an accomplishment! I hope you truly enjoy retirement and still stop by to see us in the office! You will surely be missed here. I still remember traveling with you on my “first” trip to Germany, not only did you share knowledge but you made it fun as well! Congratulations Steve!!!

  32. John Hubbard says:


    congratulations on your retirement. I have always enjoyed working with you. Hopefully these retirement years are the Best years of your life.You deserve it!

  33. Jack Tsahalis says:

    Steve, Congratulations on your retirement, and wishing you all the best in the future! A great guy, I have always admired. Much happineess to you. Jack

  34. Jason Belz says:


    I’m 37 so I can’t imagine you’ve worked this long! It was great working with you in Sales. You’ve been a great help to me with the Capsylons. It’s seems from the comments here you will be forever known as the Kapsylon King! You’ve left big shoes to fill. You’ll be missed buddy! Can I have your company car? LOL, just kidding! Have a great retirement!

  35. Scott Bies says:

    Enjoy your retirement. It blows me away to think I was in 8th grade when you started with TL. Take care.

  36. Tom McDaniel says:

    Steve – Congratulations and Thank You for the 37 years. Folks within Bosch Packaging as well as our customers will miss you. Good luck and all the best in retirement !

  37. Carl says:

    We’re going to miss you Buddy! Thanks for showing us all how to have some fun even when the poo is hitting the fan. Wishing you all the best in your well deserved retirement!

    Stay Excellent!

  38. Dionne Olson says:

    Congratulations Steve! It has been such a pleasure working with you, and your positive attitude and sense of humor will be greatly missed. Enjoy your retirement

  39. Dena F says:

    Congrats Steve, I wish you all the best and a wonderful retirement ! Dena

  40. Jon L says:

    Congrats Steve! It has been a pleasure working with you all these years. Enjoy all the free time!

  41. Dave Mielke says:


    Congratulations. You will be greatly missed by customers and co-workers alike. Your sense of humor, customer empathy…….

    You really knocked it out of the park with Neutra sales! Thanks for providing me with the opportunity to work with so many of your customers on machine installations and repairs.

  42. Jose Rivera says:

    Congratulations !
    Good luck and Happy/Healthy Retirement!

  43. Ben Seifert says:

    Congratulations Steve!! It has been a great working with you over the years, you will truly be missed! Enjoy your free time, you certainly deserve it!

  44. Klaus H. Schreiber says:

    Dear Steve,
    we got to know each other already in 1996 during your expat assignment at Bosch Crailsheim. Later we were both part of a project team for a joint equipment order from Minneapolis and Crailsheim for a multinational customer in Belgium. After that we would meet occasionally at shows or during visits. I have always enjoyed working and getting together with you. Your commitment to our customers has been outstanding and your subtle sense of humor made it easy to handle even difficult and delicate situations…;-))

    I thank you for being a great colleague to work with and a nice fellow to spend time together! All the best for your retirement phase.

    Dear Thomas,
    great idea, interesting summary and touching farewell message.
    Thank you!

  45. Paul Tinucci says:

    Hey Steve,
    Many great memories of my 22 years of working with you at TL and Now Bosch. I wish you a great retirement and many afternoon naps! You will be missed and hopefully you will still stop by once and a while to catch up on life. As you come to the close of this chapter it reminds me of the past when we were at the Legion after work and we were coming to the end of the evening, we used to say this one, one more and another and that’s it! Enjoy your final beer as an employee and best wishes in your new chapter of life!

  46. Lynne Widner says:

    Steve, this is such great news to hear of your retirement! I hope you will accept this awesome new chapter in your life with gusto. You will now be able to hit the golf course when it isn’t ubber busy, or fish when the fish are biting, or go on “vacation” when you want to go.

    Bosch will sorely miss you at their yearly sales meetings for sure, since your year in review was always well received 8-).

    Take care and God Bless!

  47. Jamie Schroetter says:

    Congrats Steve! Your carrer at Bosch has outpaced my lifetime and now I can finally start to catch up!

    As a Northern Minnesota native I know you will enjoy this as a great place to retire.

    All the best in your retirement!

  48. Larry Foster says:

    Steve, thanks for all your efforts and contributions. You will be missed. Sounds like our fishing group has a new place to try Up North now. Enjoy your retirement.

  49. Eric Popp says:

    Steve, 37 years – what a great accomplishment! Best wishes for a peaceful and relaxing retirement.

  50. Dorothy says:

    Congrates on your retirement Steve. All the best to you.

  51. Jon Ciatti says:

    All of us here in the office will be living vicariously through you! Congrats Stevie B! Enjoy your retirement!

    • Dave Aubin says:

      Steve, Congratulations! I think you broke a record with your 37 years with TL/Bosch. Enjoy your retirement and days up north.

  52. Leonard Cox says:

    Hey Steve,

    Ft. Bliss, 1972.

    We invented it but you named it: stoop, not stew and not soup. Enjoy your retirement!

    Leonard Cox

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