Maintain ISO Class 100 environmental conditions during transport

Maintain ISO Class 100 (MCA Group A) environmental conditions while aseptically filled and partially stoppered vials are transported from an aseptic filling line to a remotely located freeze drier with a Laminar Flow Transfer Cart. Product is horizontally swept with 100 FPM filtered air across all trays, utilizing ULPA inlet filters and FiPa Safe Change outlet filters.
Laminar_flow_cart_picture The units are powered by 120 vac / 15-amp, and equipped with an on-board backup battery for up to 5 hours of running time to allow for movement of the filled cart. They are constructed of 316L Stainless Steel and tempered safety glass doors; they are cleanable and capable of wash-down service and have either a 12-tray or 16-tray capacity. Controls include photohelic blower management, facility vs. battery power selection, and visual / audible alarms for low battery voltage, low differential pressure, and loss of normal run operation.

The Laminar Flow Transfer Cart is a key feature of meeting FDA requirements in an operational environment of segregated processes for liquid and lyophilized parenterals.

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