Did you know we buy used and sell remanufactured equipment?

Bosch Packaging Services and our partner IPR are interested in purchasing used Bosch capsule fillers and Manesty tablet press machines in any condition.

Bosch and IPR are also interested in remanufacturing your existing Bosch capsule fillers and Manesty tablet press machines. Our remanufactured machines include many upgrades that can bring your older equipment up to current new equipment capabilities. Please see below for pictures of machines that we have remanufactured at our facilities. Our remanufactured machines are backed with a one year warranty.

Please contact us if you have surplus Bosch capsule fillers or Manesty tablet press machines, in any condition, that you would like to sell, or if you are interested in purchasing remanufactured equipment or remanufacturing your existing equipment.

For capsule filling machines please contact:
Dave Bethel
Bosch Packaging Services
Phone: 612-868-7686

For tablet press machines please contact:
Joseph Dougherty
IPR, Inc.
Phone: 630-823-4700
Capsule Filler












Bosch remanufactured GKF 1500 to DMW 1500




IPR, Inc. remanufactured Mark IV



Click below to watch a time lapse video of one of our refurbishment projects

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