Bosch Packaging Technology Sets The Tablet Coating Standards

Reduced Process Times

Bosch Packaging is a leading global supplier of coating equipment to the pharmaceutical industry whose name is synonymous with innovation and quality. The fully perforated side-vented drum and cabinet design allow for a highly effective drying capacity without the need to use high drying temperatures, eliminating lower process efficiencies (spray drying) and detrimental thermal stresses on the product.

Studies have found that mixing efficiency, mixing performance, and coating uniformity are influenced by drum speed and the position of the spray guns, along with batch size, tablet size, and tablet shape.

XL Cota_150Manesty determines the product movement in the coating pan to be a key attribute in the coating process. Effective mixing will provide the benefits of low product losses, low coating weight variability, eliminate product damage, and increased productivity. Bosch’s unique baffle designs allow controlled product movement and even distribution of the coating solution, which ensures a high-quality end product.

Conforming to cGMP, the Bosch XLCota and Premier Coating Systems are designed to process medium to large scale and extended scale production with drum capacities from 170 to 800 litres. The coaters can be provided with a validated Automated Cleaning System with strategically located cleaning nozzles, controlled by our m-tec™ control system technology that offers flexibility in operation and full compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

Cota Drum BaffleIf you have questions about our coating technology or would like a machine quote, please contact your local Bosch solid dosage equipment salesperson.

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