Bosch conference presentations in the U.S. this spring


Please join our experts for the following upcoming conference presentations.


Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week

Huntington Beach, CA
March 30 – April 2, 2015

PreVAS Single-Use Dosing Systems
Presented by Dena Flamm, Business Development Engineer
Bosch Packaging Technology

Dena Flamm will present a poster on the single use solution developed by Bosch Packaging Technology for final fill finish operations. The system known by the trade name PreVAS is the first pre-validated, pre-sterilized and pre-assembled dosing system on the market offering a positive displacement pump. PreVAS kits are available as replacements for rolling diaphragm pumps and peristaltic tubing sets. Kits include a media bag, all tubing, fittings, needles and pump assembly (RDP pump only).  Stop by and get all of your questions answered about single use technology by our resident expert.

PDA Midwest Chapter Event

Bloomington, MN
April 16, 2015

Energy Saving Trends and Concepts for Steam Sterilizers
Presented by Sean Gamlin, Business Development – Sterilizers
Bosch Packaging Technology

Sean Gamlin will present on innovative energy saving techniques for steam sterilization equipment. Included in his presentation is an overview of new technology that significantly reduces energy consumption.

PreFilled Syringes Americas – Presented by SMI

Iselin, New Jersey
April 27-28, 2015

End user needs and perspectives for device assembly
Presented By Dena Flamm, Business Development Engineer
Bosch Packaging Technology

End user needs and perspectives are critical for final device delivery. This presentation will address the injectable device trends and flexibility required for an assembly machine to adapt to new marketing challenges while incorporating the “Human Factor.” This presentation will also focus on recent regulatory updates (11608) for combination products.

Topics will include:

  • Injectable device trends
  • Human Factor – Increased focus on safety, usability, and handling studies
  • Flexible standardized platforms to handle customized assembly of pens and auto-injectors
  • Gentle handling of the filled glass container during assembly of the device using proven liquid fill finish handling technology

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