Bosch Sterilizer Training

Bosch Packaging Technology offers training for your sterilizer through Bosch Packaging Academy. The benefits of investing in sterilizer training include: achieving high performance with your solution; savings from fewer shutdowns and less damage; tailor-made training documents; increase in safety; and reduced risk of unsterile products.

With a Bosch Packaging training course, your personnel will be trained in an efficient and solution-oriented way to ensure a smooth and successful transfer to your sterilization process. Preconditions for training include basic sterilization knowledge and technical understanding.

Packaging Academy

Training services offered:

  • Operator Training (1 Day)
  • Maintenance Training (2 Days)
  • Control System Training (2 Days)
  • Calibration Training (1 Day)
  • Technology and Process Training (2 Days)
  • Customized Training (Flexible Duration)

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