Great start to Capsule Workshop in 2015

The pharmaceutical industry is exposed to continuous changes. In order to keep up with regulations, progresses in research & development, and new production processes, a high degree of adaptation and innovation is required. Due to constant changes in this area, pharmacists are frequently faced with new demanding topics. But what do those changes really mean?

With this background in mind, Capsule Workshop took place on March 18 – 20, 2015 to explore state-of-the-art know-how relating to different aspects of capsule filling.

The workshop, successfully established last year at the Bosch facility in Waiblingen, Germany, delved into relevant industry topics. Capsule Workshop consisted of topics such as the following: manufacturing of hard capsules and how to develop formulations, and examination of various filling technologies and applications. Additionally, trends were illuminated and analyzed. Besides lectures offering a general overview of current and future trends, there were detailed insights given regarding capsule polymers, validation and qualification as well as inhaler systems.

Though Capsule Workshop was launched last year, there was a new twist this year since it was the first workshop in the English language.

A highlight of the 3-day-event was hands-on training on capsule filling machines. Another highlight was presentation of the new Bosch GKF 2600, which will be officially launched at Achema, Germany in June 2015. And, the participants were able to learn processes of the machines while in direct interaction. Aspects of trouble shooting and how to realize Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) also received focus.

The next Capsule Workshop at the Waiblingen site will take place July 1 – 3 2015, in the German language. If you would like further information regarding the event, please feel free to contact us at:

We look forward to welcoming you soon in Waiblingen!

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