When was your Manesty tablet press last calibrated and inspected?

Xpress Manesty

Regular calibration and inspection of your tablet press is essential for ensuring consistent product quality.  Neglecting calibration can lead to unscheduled production or machine downtime, product and process quality issues and even product recalls.  Our Calibration_kitservice technicians are trained and qualified to calibrate your machine with Bosch quality calibration kits.  Comprehensive documentation will be completed during the equipment inspection and calibration process to maintain compliance.  cGMP requires that calibration records are maintained and calibrations have to be carried out according to written approved procedures.  Completed documentation will be provided highlighting any areas of concern and will include a list of recommended spares and useful upgrade options available.

Our calibration and inspection service includes:

  • A site visit by a trained and qualified Bosch service technician to complete a thorough inspection of the equipment.  They will identify any areas of concern, check the safety features, challenge functional operation of the equipment and identify any worn or damaged parts.
  • Calibration of all critical instruments.
  • Identification of any useful upgrades to improve and enhance machine performance and reliability.
  • Comprehensive documentation and a certificate of calibration provided upon completion.

Calibration_toolCalibration of your equipment by a qualified Bosch service technician will improve and enhance the performance and reliability of your tablet press.  Our calibration and inspection service can be tailored to your needs.  Contact Brenda Dreher at 763-493-6172 or for more information and to schedule your calibration and inspection service.


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