Discounted Stock FLT Vial Filling and Capping Machine

Save big on this in-stock FLT vial filling system. The FLT is a low speed vial filling, stoppering, and capping machine with 100% checkweigh. This machine is ideal for lower volume production, or R&D vial filling applications. The simplified set-up, minimal size parts, and mobile platform make it an extremely versatile and easy-to-operate machine. This FLT has been exhibited at tradeshows, and utilized for testing at our facility.

This unit is priced at $397,655, which is a $59,470 discount, for the features noted below.

Machine features:

  • FLT base machine formatted for 20mm stoppers and caps
  • Remote stainless steel electrical cabinet with 10 meters of interconnect cabling
  • Bosch peristaltic pump fill system with bottom up filling
  • 100% in-process checkweigh
  • Reject station
  • Stoppering and capping station currently formatted for 20mm stoppers and caps
  • RABS enclosure with light curtains and glove ports
  • Stopper and cap loading annex to aid in the loading of double bagged stoppers and caps

For more information, please contact Jamie Schroetter at 763-493-6773.

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