SBM Sterilizer Training Offerings

Bosch-Dampf-Luftgemisch-Sterilisationstechnologie von SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik

Bosch SBM offers a variety of training in areas such as operator, maintenance, process, calibration, and training customized to your needs. These training offerings are held at the Bosch SBM site in Austria or at your site.

Highlights of training offerings include:

Operator Training

  • Explanation of proper operation of your equipment
  • Theoretical and hands-on exercises*
  • Assistance with typical errors and remedies/FAQ
  • Focused on educating for daily operation of the sterilizer

Maintenance Training

  • Theoretical and hands-on exercises for service and maintenance*
  • Information on correct operation of your equipment
  • Analysis of alarm and error messages, remedies/FAQ
  • Information on work to be conducted (including scope, maintenance, schedule, etc.)
  • Explanation of relevant recipe parameters
  • Relevant information about SBM Support

Process Training

  • Differences between the various sterilization technologies
  • Explanation of the individual assembly functions
  • Demonstration of the technological and procedural aspects of your equipment
  • Explanation of procedural components according to P&I diagram
  • Participants receive a certificate upon successful participation

Calibration Training

  • Basics of measurement and troubleshooting for SBM sterilizers
  • Calibration of pressure and temperature sensors
  • Use of calibration devices
  • Hands-on exercises* on a test sterilizer
  • Creation of calibration protocols

Customized Training

  • Perfectly adapted to target group requirements
  • Topics and contents are flexible to suit your needs
  • Flexible duration

For additional information, please contact Fabian Goulabert.

* Available only at SBM site, or if sterilizer at customer site is available

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