“5 Things” Series: Top 5 differentiators of Bosch SBM sterilization

All pharmaceutical sterilizers are not designed the same way. Bosch SBM designs pharmaceutical sterilizers with unique differences for safety, quality, and control relative to others on the market. Below is a list of the top five differentiators for Bosch SBM sterilizers.

  1. Encapsulated Door Drive Bosch SBM uses an encapsulated door drive to ensure the door drive is particulate-free and maintenance-free over its lifetime. This allows for use in clean rooms and makes maintenance of the sterilizer easier.
  2. Flexible Control System Whether you use Siemens or Allen-Bradley for your controls, Bosch SBM offers a system that is flexible in creating and editing your own recipes and editing parameters. You do not need to purchase each desired recipe or contact Bosch SBM to edit one.
  3. Spares Parts Bosch SBM uses all parts off the shelf including valves and sensors. Bosch does not create their own parts. This means that anything you need replaced can come from your local vendor. However, Bosch SBM can also supply replacement or spare parts.
  4. Insulation Most sterilizer producers insulate the chamber. However, Bosch SBM also insulates color coded piping on the basis of the pipe containing hot water, cold water, or condensate.
  5. O-ring Door Seal Method Bosch SBM does not use steam on the O-ring or inflate the O-ring to seal the door. Bosch SBM uses a vacuum to pull and seal the door shut. Using steam or inflating the O-ring will shorten the life of the O-ring.
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