Proactive spare parts management can help you lower your total cost of ownership and minimize downtime. Here’s how…

When it comes to machine maintenance, being prepared is what matters. Even small component failures can potentially shut down production. A proactive approach to spare parts management means being equipped to avoid unnecessary downtime in both emergency and normal wear and tear situations.

Does being prepared mean having spares on hand for each and every machine part?  Certainly not!  The storage space required and the related inventory cost would be prohibitive. When working with Bosch, being prepared doesn’t mean an overflowing stockroom.   We have installed thousands of pharmaceutical packaging and production machines all over the world. As such, we have gained great insight and experience to help you take a proactive, practical approach to spare parts management. All Bosch solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and can include one or more of the following:

  • Original Bosch spare parts: Assured quality and a perfect match with your machine
  • Spare parts lists: Our engineering developed spare parts lists let you plan ahead with confidence
  • Preventative maintenance kits:  Tailored to your machine and synchronized with PM schedules
  • Strategic stocking:  High turn parts are kept in stock in the US for immediate delivery
  • Quick turn plastics:  Our state of the art machine shop is able to turn most machined plastic parts in one week or less
  • E-Portal:  Online information and e-ordering with detailed spare parts information, cost and availability
  • Stock optimization:  Using specially developed software, Bosch experts generate a detailed spare parts profile by analyzing your previous consumption
  • Dedicated spare parts personnel:  That’s all they do – work on fulfilling your spare parts requirements

Minimizing both cost of ownership and equipment downtime are absolute necessities.  Our spare parts services are comprehensive and experience-driven, which assists you in improving your overall spare parts management and availability. Please contact your Bosch Packaging Services customer representative, your regional sales manager, or visit for further information.

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