Innovations for healthier lives

Innovations for healthier lives

We have already learned a lot about trends and changing relationships in the pharma market in part 1 and part 2 of our interview series with Uwe Harbauer, senior vice president, business unit Pharma.


Uwe Harbauer

Uwe Harbauer, Senior Vice President Business Unit Pharma

Compared to drug producers, how has the role of contract manufacturers evolved?

Uwe Harbauer (UH): Contract manufacturers have experienced tremendous growth. More and more processes are being transferred from the original producer to their facilities. They no longer simply fill drug A into packaging B and put this packaging into a folding carton. Their equipment requirements are sometimes even more diverse than those of a drug producer, because they have an even larger project variety.



How can they meet this variety, and how can Bosch support them?

UH: They require dedicated lines that are tailored exactly to one single customer product, as well as solutions that are able to run different products from different customers. This means the highest possible flexibility, combined with fast changeover, cleaning and validation times. Bosch has the portfolio in place to provide the matching solutions, as many successful customer projects have already shown.


What are key requirements customers address in your projects?

UH: Faster time-to-market, easier scale-up, the highest product quality and OEE are some of the demands on the agenda of our customers – and on our own, because our goal is to build them right into our equipment. Our large base of experts enables us to provide highly specific solutions, for instance for serialization or containment.

We also support customers in developing more patient-oriented medical devices. For example, solutions from Moeller & Devicon for the assembly of pens and auto-injectors have been realized for a number of well-known pharmaceutical companies. These enable them to meet patient requirements for safety, convenience and adherence, and to support them in living healthier lives.

Mr. Harbauer, thank you very much for these insights!


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