Cognex Vision Training – Custom Learning for Automatic Inspection Machine (AIM)

Bosch Inspection Technology Pharma group offers customized, hands-on Cognex vision training in a 3 day format.

At Bosch’s Allendale, New Jersey facility, small groups can attend classroom training with each student having his/her own vision PC, led by an experienced Cognex CVL for AIM instructor.

Topics covered during the training include:

  • Introduction to Vision System Components
  • Vision Graphical User Interface (GUI) User Guide Basics
  • Hands-on Training on the use of:
    • Camera Light Meter
    • Vision Tool Library (Edge, Fixture, Blob, Math, Patmax…)
    • Filters (MinMax, Gaussian, Morphology, Sobel, Mapping)
    • Image Database Files, Playback, and Archiving
    • Flow Control
    • Dynamic Tool Positioning and Threshold
    • Boolean Functions
    • Color Segmentation

To learn more about the training or to register, please contact Patricia Grigsby at +1 (201) 760-5100 or

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