Bosch expands its local isolator applications expert team in North America

Bosch Packaging Technology is pleased to announce the expansion of its local isolator applications expert team in North America. Covering all relevant functions from concept planning to machine design and manufacturing, cycle development and validation, and field services – with all team members either outright originating from or having trained at the center of competency in Germany for at least two years – Bosch is better placed than ever to serve its North American customers with unmatched capacity, dedication, and responsiveness.

Bosch is driven to offer everything from a single source: isolator, machines, and processes from one manufacturer, developed together and for each other; and Bosch’s ability to support its full line competency with this level of local expertise is what makes Bosch the ideal partner for fill-finish project planning and the most reliable partner for implementation.

Please click here to view the title image, showing the Bosch customer journey and dedicated isolator expert team in North America, at full screen.

For more information, please contact Matt Stien.

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