Mini White Paper: Pharmaceutical Liquid Filling Systems — A Succinct Comparison and Selection Guide

Having sold filling lines for all types of liquid pharmaceutical products (hundreds of lines in aggregate), Bosch Packaging Technology is in a unique position to advise on filling system selection.

The attributes comparison presented in Tables 1 through 5 conveys, generally speaking and irrespective of the offering manufacturer, the primary strengths and weaknesses of the various filling systems based on the properties of the fill media, availability of additional functionality, filling tolerance, capital cost, and overall benefits and limitations, while Figure 1 summarizes the main considerations diagrammatically.

In summary, RVP systems provide the best accuracy and reliability, PRP systems are the preferred solution for single-use applications, TPF systems are indicated for fill media versatility, MFM systems are uniquely suitable for hot product filling, and RDP systems provide highly accurate filling for shear-sensitive products.

Filling System Selection Considerations Diagram

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