Bosch Isolators: Continuous Improvement based on long term experience

There has been an increase of Isolator & Containment production lines in the last 20 years.  In this time, Bosch has installed more than 125 highly sophisticated isolator-based lines all over the world. With each installation, we gain more insight into the needs of our customers, and we are able to continuously improve our product offering.

This includes also HVAC, AHU and vaporizer systems like our SafeVAP.

We have worked to develop an experienced team in barrier technology. What started as a team of a few engineers in Germany is now dozens of team members all over the world. With each new team member, comes a new set of experiences and abilities.

We understand the challenges that arise when implementing a new packaging line. Communication can be difficult when you are working with multiple teams from different vendors.  Line integration can be equally challenging.  As a single-source supplier, we offer a total solution and a single Bosch project team limiting frustration and delay due to misaligned processes. The documentation, batch reports, qualification and service activities are tailored to the complete line.

A constant adaptation to the market requirements and the long-term relationship with our customers are our primary focuses. Here are some statements from customers of recently installed Isolator lines in North America:

“In five years of working with our Bosch equipment I have found it to be robust, intuitive and extremely predictable.  Bosch has forged a solid collaborative relationship with myself and my company and is quick to respond to all our needs be they technical, equipment, or sales oriented.”

Andy Ewart, Manufacturing Sr. Specialist, Pharmaforce, Inc.


“We appreciate the service and support we have received from Bosch Packaging as we bring new challenges to our machine. Bosch has been supportive for our ever changing product requirements and developments.”

 Colin Taaffe, Sr. Controls Validation Engineer, Pharmalucence, Inc.


“We appreciate working with Bosch and the access we have to technical resources and salespersons flexible to our needs.  Their support has been key to sustain our line in a 24/7 operation and the challenges we have faced in the last nine years of producing for liquid and lyophilized products.”

Luis J Laracuente, Associate Director Engineering and Reliability, Bristol Myers Squibb


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For more information about our isolator capabilities, in North America please contact Juergen Metzger.

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