Pellet Coating Seminar – Anápolis, Brazil

On July 18th and 19th, the teams of Bosch and BASF held the second Pellet Coating Seminar in Annapolis, Brazil. The event was attended by several customers and took place in the factory of our partner, the pharmaceutical company Geolab.

During the seminar, our specialists presented a range of information in order to improve the process of product development. Furthermore they demonstrated the efficiency of Bosch equipment for a clever production with high quality.




The customers brought up questions and projects that were discussed with our professionals, as well as actively participated in the Pellet Coating process in our Hüttlin machine Solidlab 2.



Thanks to all participants for their contribution. We hope that they enjoyed the event!


Liziane Magalhães
+55 19 2103-2071

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