A deeper look into the highly flexible Bosch MLD 3000 Cartridge & Vial Filler

Bosch has been setting the gold standard in cartridge filling and closing machines since 1972. Around the world, the MLD 3000 machine series is recognized for its excellent performance, precision and pharmaceutical safety. Covering the entire processing range from 60 to 600 cartridges/minute with the best technology available, Bosch has over 200 lines in cartridge processing as references worldwide.

The MLD 3000 machine series is suitable for medium and high production rates. The series fulfills the desire of many manufacturers to have a truly customized solution to fit their specific needs. Bosch’s Combi-Filler technology for both vials and cartridges is what makes the MLD 3000 series unique.

MLD 3000 Machine Series: Processing Options

  • Vials
  • Cartridges
  • Double-Chamber Cartridges

The MLD can also be configured as a Combi -Filler for processing cartridges and vials. It can be equipped with barrier technology such as RABS or Isolator. This provides customers with a high-performance machine to process vials and cartridges on a mono block platform. These two processing options are designed to meet individual customer needs and product-specific filling requirements.

The MLD 3000 machine series is available with three different filling systems: time pressure filling, rotary valve piston pump filling, and peristaltic pump filling. Any of the three filling systems or a combi filling station can be used for processing vials, cartridges, and double-chamber cartridges.

Highly flexible and functional with different processing configurations:

  • Infeed Wheel / Vibrator Plate
  • Plunger Station for plunger insertion
  • Bead Station to insert beads via pick and place, for suspension-based products
  • Pre-Gassing / Post-Gassing – residual oxygen reduction
  • Pre-Filling
  • Sensor Filling – to adequately fill cartridges based on sensor technology
  • IPC – In process control – as well as 100% IPC for vials
  • Capping Station – placing caps and disc seals on cartridges and vials
  • Stopper Station – stopper placement via pick and place
  • Crimp Station – for sealing and crimping caps, flip-off caps, and disc seals
  • Reject – rejection of components identified as faulty
  • Sampling – manual IPC
  • Outfeed – various outfeed options including downstream equipment



Image captions: MLD Infeed Cartridges, Plunger Station Cartridges, Bead Insertion Station Cartridges, Crimping Station,
MLD Infeed Vials, Filling Station Vials, Pick and Place Station for Stoppers / Vials, Cap Station Vials

Combi-Filler configuration of cartridge portfolio:

Linear MLD 3000 fillers for medium speed outputs and MLD 5000 fillers for high speed outputs can both be configured as Combi-Fillers, processing both vials and cartridges. In addition, the MRD 3000 rotary filler is available for low-speed outputs and can be configured to process either vials, cartridges, or as a Combi-Filler. In summary, the cartridge machine platforms MLD and MRD can both be configured with the unique Combi-Filler. The MLD is a great contributor towards Bosch’s effort to always meet customer requirements and specifications.

Author: Jens Konrad, Portfolio Specialist at Robert Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.

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