New: Tablet Press Parts Kits

Tablet Press PM Kits

We now offer Preventive Maintenance Kits for the MK II and MK IIA tablet press machines. These kits are for major maintenance (every 6,000 hours or 3 years) and are comprised of required and optional parts. …more

Generational comparison of capsule checkweighers

KKE Generational Comparison

Bosch is constantly improving our products and developing new ones. Our industry-leading capsule checkweighers are no exception. Check out the article below on the differences between our older style KKE 1500/2000’s and the modern generation of KKE …more

Improve filling accuracy with Bosch’s Peristaltic Pump technology

Peristaltic Pump and Trolley

Several years ago, Bosch developed its own peristaltic pump technology to satisfy the growing demands of its pharmaceutical customers and to offer a genuine alternative to conventional filling systems.

The Bosch peristaltic pump combines the advantages of the traditional peristaltic concept with optimized dosing accuracy and is one of the safest and most user-friendly peristaltic pumps available in today’s market. …more

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