Solid Dosage Machine Brochures

Bosch Packaging Technology is pleased to present our online library of pharmaceutical solid dosage machine brochures. Bosch offers innovative solutions in capsule filling, checkweighing, tablet pressing, cartoning, and process technology such as mixing, drying, granulation, and coating.

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GKF 702


GKF 2500

GKF 2600

GKF HiProTect 1700 Containment Encapsulator

Capsylon 705 – 1505 – 3005 Encapsulators for the Nutraceutical Industry

Comparing the GKF 2500 ASB 100%

Capsule Checkweighing

KKX 3900 X-Ray Universal Capsule Inspection System

KKE 1700 | 2500 | 3800

Process Technology-Huettlin

Lab Scale Mixing, Drying, Granulating, and Coating

Production Scale Mixing, Drying, Granulating, and Coating

High Shear Mixers

Pharma Lab Services

Tablet Presses – Manesty

TPR 500 Tablet Press

Track & Trace

CPS/Track & Trace


Cartoning/Track & Trace Portfolio

CUK Continuous Motion Cartoner

CUT 120 Intermittent Motion Cartoner

Car T5 Intermittent Motion Cartoner


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