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An Interview with Jan Kohlmeyer, Design Engineer for Cartoning

Expertise Series

Bosch Engineer Interview Cartoner Series. Read the whole interview below.

Germany is renowned globally for well engineered and quality products. What influenced you to become an engineer?
As a Bosch fitter installing GKF capsule fillers and KKE capsule checkweighers, one day I was no longer satisfied with this challenge and decided to become a technician-engineer. I felt I could do design work at a high level and correct issues I had witnessed as a fitter. …more

Discontinuation of Obsolete ELAU Motion Control Replacement Parts for CUT and CUC cartoners, GKF 1400L, GKF 2500 100%, KKE 1700, KKE 2500, TLT 1400 and TLT 2800

ELAU has discontinued several motion control components. We recommend upgrading to the latest ELAU servo controller model to ensure that you have a replacement unit in the case of a failure.


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