Video: Automate the loading of empty capsules into your Bosch GKF capsule filler

The Nilfisk® Empty Capsule Conveyor model 9505 is designed to convey empty capsules sizes 000 – 5 at a rate in excess of the highest output Bosch capsule filler. This unique conveyor uses a blower to gently push the capsules through rigid sanitary piping without damage. The conveyor has a receiver hopper mounted via tri-clamp to the Bosch capsule filling machine capsule inlet. The receiver hopper has an integrated level sensor making this a truly “plug and play” system with no electrical connection to the Bosch capsule filler.

All capsule contact surfaces are constructed of AISI 316L stainless steel. The exterior of the machine is constructed of 304 stainless steel. The Nilfisk® 9505 uses HEPA filtration and a programmable PLC to maintain optimal operation. The vertical height adjustment is achieved by a telescoping pipe eliminating the need for different length rigid tubing. When the conveyor supply container runs low, an indicator light and/or audible alarm will alert the operator to refill the conveyor container which holds in excess of one box of capsules.

This conveyor will fully automate the loading of empty capsules into any capsule filling machine and eliminate the possibility of accidents and injuries to your operators when climbing ladders to fill the capsule filler empty capsule hopper.

Interested in learning more? Contact Dave Bethel, your North American Aftermarket Sales Manager.

The specifications of the conveyor are at the bottom of this post. Click on the video below to see the empty capsule conveyor in action.



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