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New video tech tip! Learn how to accurately determine your ideal dosing disk thickness

Expertise Series

Are you looking for a tool to help you determine the slug quality of your various products?  If so, Bosch has developed a digital slug tester that is useful for accurately determining the optimum dosing disk height for any product that you plan on filling on your Bosch GKF or DMW capsule filler.


For a demonstration, please see the video below. For additional information on the digital slug tester, please download this brochure or see it in person at the following upcoming tradeshows: …more

Improved Flexibility and GMP-Design of the Bosch GKF 702 Compared to the GKF 400/700

It’s no secret that the GKF 400 and 700 are robust capsule fillers proven by continued use in our industry. The current model, the GKF 702, has proven worthy to follow in these footsteps. The new GKF 702 is truly an R&D platform. Production machine features like slide-gates and 21 CFR Part 11 software allow the GKF 702 to be used for R&D, clinical trials, and even into production.


New Video Technical Tip! Learn how to properly align your dosing station after a crash

Expertise Series

In the latest Tech Tip with Tom, learn how to properly align your dosing station to your segments with our transfer station alignment pins. Tom also covers how to align your entire dosing station after a crash. …more

Discontinuation of Obsolete ELAU Motion Control Replacement Parts for CUT and CUC cartoners, GKF 1400L, GKF 2500 100%, KKE 1700, KKE 2500, TLT 1400 and TLT 2800

ELAU has discontinued several motion control components. We recommend upgrading to the latest ELAU servo controller model to ensure that you have a replacement unit in the case of a failure.


An Interview with Guenter Liebhart, Design Engineer

Expertise Series

Bosch Engineer Interview, KKE Series – capsule checkweigher

Germany is renowned globally for well engineered and quality products. What influenced you to become an engineer?
I was first a toolmaker apprentice as a young man and this influenced me to learn more about mechanical design.


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